I decided to eat at this Japanese eatery in Junction8 that specializes in handmade fresh udon.

The udon comes in a big bowl, literally. The bowl is huuuge but the serving was just right. Needless to say, if you do order their side dishes, you would find trouble fitting them onto your table, a problem i had which annoyed me quite badly because it just made the meal awkward.

Imagine this: me stretching over my huuuge bowl of udon to reach the tempura. Not that I scalded my armpit though.

For the price, the food is reasonable and decent, though I must say that you must not be too quick to set your expectations based on the pictures you see in the menu. The udon itself is handmade, so you get fresh noodles in every bowl, definitely a scoring point of this place. For a casual dinner, it’s about an average of SGD$20 bucks for a bowl of udon and a side dish. Reasonably priced I would say.

Where: Junction8. I think they have a branch at Plaza Singapura as well.


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