Hello, Shibuya Tokyo.


From the most fashionable belt of Shibuya in Japan comes the first ever Hello, Shibuya Tokyo showcase in Plaza Singapura.

Thinking of skipping it? The Hello Kitty cup noodles is enough to lure the least bit interested in fashion to this eye opener showcase. For me, I love browsing through such quirky, not your usual run of the mill fashion. We’re so globalised that at every corner and inch of Singapore you’re bound to find top brands like zara, topshop, dorothy perkins, esprit… Not sure how much you like wearing the exact same piece of dress as your colleague next door (maybe you’d consider that a BFF moment), but I certainly do not like being in that awkward moment when you see someone wearing the exact same piece that you bought just a week ago.

Before you get too excited and scream “I’m gonna buy everything here!!!”, I have to warn you that the designer clothings here can cost up to SGD$600+ or more for a jumper (and a really cute one at that!). Come on, you’re showcasing the best creative juices in your country.  Surely they must be worth a decent price? For people like me, such showcases are more for learning rather than shopping.

Didn’t bag home anything else but the Hello Kitty cup noodles. They’re too cute to miss at a price of $2.50! If I’m not wrong, every customer is limited to 10 cup noodles, and there are only 1, 500 on sale. Do drop by!

Where: Plaza Singapura Level 1 Atrium
When: Now till 10 Mar 13


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