Warung Lele

Tell someone who knows about this place and you’ll hear them shout, “ayam kalio!!!!!”


Unfortunately my phone’s camera is too lousy. The picture does not do justice to the food at all. At first glace it looks spicy but don’t be apprehensive, it’s not spicy at all! It’s super delicious! I focused all my attention on it so much that my friend was very amused as she filled my plate with the other food (broccoli and BBQ squid) we ordered.

I also had their highly popular avocado drink topped with a choice of cocoa (not as sweet) or gula melaka (sweeter). I chose gula melaka as it sounded more traditional. Avocados are great for a smooth complexion, and this rendition is rich and creamy. I could drink a cup everyday! A pity there were only two of us so we didn’t try their fried catfish and the yellow rice that my friend so raved about was sold out by the time we got there for dinner. However, based on the three dishes we ordered and the friendly and homely staff, im definitely going back there again!

Where: 8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower, #01-16/19, Tanjong Pagar
Opening times: 1130am-10pm
Website here.


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