The Wine Company at Evans Road


I know. I cringe whenever I look at the photos of food that I take. I’ll upgrade to a better phone soon, promise!

Anyway this is their set lunch. Grilled boneless chicken leg with special homemade sauce. Pretty decent, and the lightly seared sides (potatoes and veggies) complement the tinge of chao-ta on the chicken. For just $12 dollars, you get either a soup (clear vegetable soup) or salad (potato and carrot), and coffee or tea. Very good deal!

We topped up $5 for the highlight of the meal — their molten lava cake. Urm…….. I was so excited that I had forgotten to take a picture. I’m not really a fan of lava cakes, but this was really good!!!! The walls of the cake baked perfectly, not too thick, and the chocolate lava flows almost non stop. Pair it with vanilla ice cream and there you go! Start dancing if you please. A pity the vanilla ice cream is not the vanilla bean rich type. A definite must try!

I went back for lunch for two consecutive days. What say you?

What: The Wine Company
Where: 26 Evans Road #01-03/04 Evans Lodge
How much: $12 for set lunch, top up $5 for molten lava cake


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