Dontaku, City Square, Johor Bahru

This Japanese restaurant was rather disappointing. Pictures of its food do not look like reality when served. Yes, I get disappointed when I’m faced with such situations, especially when it applies to the food im eating. A little deviation is fine, but the salmon wrap roll was totally off.  Thought I had a photo of it but (un)fortunately no.


I also tried the aburi prawn, which my friend said was not bad because it’s aburi-ed. Warm food does make people happy aye? Erm the salmon sushi next to it? Check out the white bit. The salmon slice was too thinly sliced. Fatal error for any restaurant I would say.


My favourite dish which took the longest to arrive. I don’t blame them, bacon can be difficult to cook. Doesn’t really look impressive, but tastes okay.

I also tried their gyoza. Wasn’t crispy like how it should be 😦

Overall, the meal came up to RM 37. I haven’t tried their ramen, but I’ll make it a point to stay clear of their sides.

Where: City Square, Johor Bahru, Malaysia (just across the Singapore Woodlands Causeway), level 3


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