Strawberry curry


I love these retort curry packs from Japan. It makes for a quick meal whenever you’re home alone and starving. Just cook one portion of rice, heat the retort pack in water, and viola! You have a delicious meal! I would sometimes stop by those small eateries at shopping malls to get cutlets or potato salad, but today I only had curry with rice.

This strawberry curry is one of the many curry retort packs that I got from my recent trip to japan. Though these retort packs are highly available, it’s priced anywhere from sgd $1.30 to $10. Of course, the 10 dollars one comes with a whole load of meat.

More about this strawberry. Strangely, you can’t taste the strawberry, neither are there strawberry chunks, but you know it’s in the curry, because you can bite on the strawberry seeds. I guess it definitely makes the curry sweeter, and nicer to eat, since the texture is somewhat playful.

Would I eat this again? Yes. Unfortunately I only bought one back. 😦


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