Llaollao frozen yogurt, Marina Square (Marina Link) and Somerset 313

I have always been a fan of frozen yogurts since young, whether it is topped simply with granola or gummy bears.  Many such yogurt stalls have propped up around Singapore in recent years, offering different toppings and activities (I say this because some yoghurt stalls allow you to “personally design your own” and pay accordingly to the weight of your creation so rather than the sales girl spam a handful of gumny bears for you, you can actually determine how many gummy bears you want in your cup of yogurt). The latest one (for now) is located at Marina Square and is currently my favourite. I hereby introduce you to Llaollao frozen yogurt!


It’s actually from Spain, hence the funny shop name. The smallest cup + one topping goes at $4.50 so I would suggest you get the medium cup + three toppings at $5.50! What’s the big deal about having more toppings?

#1 The choices of toppings are displayed logically. Fruits -> dry ingredients -> sauces. You have to pick your toppings in this sequence. I like such orderliness.

#2 They have white chocolate as one of their sauces!!!!!

White chocolate, friends! One can’t simply resist white chocolate, especially when complemented with juicy strawberries.

edit: seems like they would change one or two sauces every 6 months. the last time they changed, they mixed the white chocolate with biscuits and coconut. because of that, I haven’t eaten llao llao for half a year! 😦

In the picture above, I had strawberries, muesli and white chocolate. Could be the nature of where this shop was from, but the muesli doesn’t look like the normal type you would get outside. This has larger chunks and it somewhat has a tinge of chocolate (nothing to do with the white chocolate I swear).

Where: Marina Square, Marina Link #B1-04
Somerset 313 #B3


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  1. Since Sour Sally has closed, I’m now looking for other alternative. Thanks for sharing.


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