Tenderfresh Classic, Upper Bukit Timah Road

Maybe not.


Tenderfresh Classic pops out quite innocently amongst all the long time players already present at Cheong Chin Nam Road. The history for Tenderfresh goes a long way back, and I think supporters of Tenderfresh would be more than happy to find one in the heart of Bukit Timah.



The entrance is very, very inviting. I was  sold by the looks of it. This has to taste good.


Newspaper articles as a statement to the quality of Tenderfresh.



Wide variety of food! Be spoilt for choice!

Yes, my taste buds were screaming for me to make a decision. Being the burger fan I am, I decided on their homemade burger.


Homemade beef burger ($13.90)

I was disappointed. The patty didn’t stick well. It was, towards the end, minced meat with fries. The salad was good, though.


Drumstick paella ($7.90)

The roast chicken drumstick was juicy and nicely roasted, but unfortunately it was killed by the rice that pretended to be paella. Such a pity, really.

This place doesn’t have service charge.

Address: 9 Cheong Chin Nam Road


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