Buttergrill, Tanjong Pagar



Kinda strange for a steak place to be located along the Tanjong Pagar stretch of fried chicken goodness. Perhaps that’s why it was empty when I visit on a Saturday at 630pm. To be honest I only visited because Chope was offering a discount on their steaks, and knowing that I have a soft spot for steaks, my boy brought me there for a casual dinner. Always nice to know that someone is always thinking of ways to make you happy. By the way Buttergrill also serves seafood and pasta dishes, not only steaks.


Maybe it was because I was there too early, but I remember the place being very dimly lit and the air condition wasn’t switched on. I must admit that I felt a wee bit uncomfortable. The place didn’t feel inviting and cosy at all. No pictures of the interior because the lighting was really bad. At this point, I didn’t have high hopes for my steak.


Australia Stockyard Long Fed Angus Sirloin 150 Days Grain-Fed with Truffle Butter.

Hold it for a second! I was mildly surprised at the variety of butter flavours they were offering with their steaks and seafood. It suddenly made sense — Buttergrill, all things cooked with butter! If you’re a butter lover like me, you’ve got to see this list from their website:

Classic White Butter. A mixture of herbs, garlic, parsley. A balance herbs taste, perfect for any meat or seafood

Mustard Butter. A mixture of herbs, mustard seeds and hot english mustard, perfect for meat and poultry

Red Wine and Figs Butter. Red wine reduction with butter, heavenly with red meat

Truffle Butter. A mixture of herbs and truffle paste, perfect for meats

Foie Gras Butter. Premium Foie Gras and herbs butter. Perfect combination with any steak

Classic Red Butter. A mixture of herbs, garlic, parsley and chilli. A balance herbs taste with an tinge of spiciness, perfect for seafood

Orange Ginger Butter. Orange, Ginger and mix herbs, a refreshing taste for seafood

Lemon Chili Butter. Spicy and Sour taste, best with seafood

Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Butter. A local inspired butter

Spicy Miso Butter. Japanese inspired butter

I picked the Truffle butter while my companion picked the Spicy Salted Egg Yolk butter. We both preferred the Truffle butter as we felt that the taste of the Salted Egg Yolk didn’t really quite come through. The steak was nicely done though, not too chewy, not too bloody. Good job! The sides give an overall visual appetiser to the steak as well.

Would I return? Yes, I am curious about the other flavours!

Address: 114 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088529

 Phone: 6221 2354

Website: www.buttergrill.com


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