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Unagiya Ichinoji, Robertson Quay and Suntec City

[Edited on 31 October 2018] Skip Robertson Quay and head straight for Suntec City.

I’m a huge unagi fan. I highly raved Man Man Unagi at Keong Saik so when I heard that another unagi specialty restaurant with a long list of credentials (125 years of history, Bib Gourmand 2018 awardee, Tokyo’s famous unagi Restaurant with 20 outlets across Japan) opened it’s first overseas outlet in none other than sunny Singapore, I was stoked.

Expecting a super long queue like Man Man, I was there slightly before 530pm for its dinner hours. Not much people, and I was seated rather quickly.

The layout is similar to Man Man’s. There’s a tank of live eels swimming around and a counter overseeing the kitchen via glass panels. If you want to see the chef in action, pick the counter seats. It can be a little hot though.

Chef starting to grill the eels. I read that they steam their eels before grilling them to give that crispy texture.

Hitsumabushi (small), $19.80.

Hitsumabushi (medium), $26.80.

The Hitsumabushis can go up to $77.80 for the XL size. While that makes for a good family size, I prefer having my own set to indulge in. For those who need a refresher, you can eat the Hitsumabushi in three ways: Plain old unagi and rice, unagi and rice with the side condiments, and unagi and rice with dashi (provided in a little jar). My favourite is the one with side condiments because it gives the unagi an added layer of taste.

Close up shot of the unagi.

On to the taste of the unagi, the reason for this post. The unagi was horrible. Although it was grilled, there wasn’t any char taste, not to mention any decent crispy texture. The meat itself was rather tough and it felt like I was eating a gummy candy. I dreaded eating piece after piece. Thankfully I ordered the small portion. I also drenched my meal in the separate unagi sauce provided to give it more taste.

I just noticed that the difference between a small and medium is just two slices of unagi and more rice. Not sure if this justifies a $7 difference.

The Suntec City one was so much better.

Hitsumabushi (M), $32.80.

No idea why the difference in price for the medium portion. Perhaps it’s because the Suntec eatery is a “dining” concept with a bigger space and better ambience.

The unagi standards at the Suntec outlet were so much better. They were not as rubbery and definitely more flavourful. The portions were generous as well; I finished my mixed grain rice (good choice, go for it) before I was done with my unagi! That said, I still prefer Man Man because the unagi texture at Man Man is really quite unique and hard to replicate.

30 Robertson Quay, Riverside Village Residences, #01-05, S(238251)

+65 6732 1970

Daily: 1130am to 3pm, 530pm to 10pm

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City #03-307, S(038983)

+65 6268 8043

Daily: Same as above

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Gramercy New York, Japan

Gramercy New York is one of those fancy restaurant style desserts that you can bring home. Yes. Imagine giving each and every one of your guests a creation from Gramercy New York. Watch out for their delightful smiles!

So what and how did I bring it home?


Can you guess what’s inside?


This expensive looking and exquisite box packs a humble…


Cup of dessert! Chocolate brownie to be exact.


The flower is real (and edible), and the plastic cup is yours to keep! Needless to say, the dessert itself was fantastic, as with all other Japanese desserts – full of surprises. I believe the philosophy behind every dessert should be to make people smile, and this definitely does the trick!

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Strawberry curry


I love these retort curry packs from Japan. It makes for a quick meal whenever you’re home alone and starving. Just cook one portion of rice, heat the retort pack in water, and viola! You have a delicious meal! I would sometimes stop by those small eateries at shopping malls to get cutlets or potato salad, but today I only had curry with rice.

This strawberry curry is one of the many curry retort packs that I got from my recent trip to japan. Though these retort packs are highly available, it’s priced anywhere from sgd $1.30 to $10. Of course, the 10 dollars one comes with a whole load of meat.

More about this strawberry. Strangely, you can’t taste the strawberry, neither are there strawberry chunks, but you know it’s in the curry, because you can bite on the strawberry seeds. I guess it definitely makes the curry sweeter, and nicer to eat, since the texture is somewhat playful.

Would I eat this again? Yes. Unfortunately I only bought one back. 😦

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