Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, Liang Court

Worth a try.

What’s this volcano thingy? It’s Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen! Kazan (火山) means volcano in Japanese. What happens here is that your noodles are served to you in an extremely hot stone bowl. The waiter then pours the tonkotsu soup from the flask into the stone bowl before quickly capping the volcano lid. The end result is lots of steam gushing through the tiny opening, creating a volcano effect minus the eruption of tonkotsu soup and ramen. Be careful. 🔥

Pretty interesting experience. After a minute or so, the waiter removes the volcano lid and viola! Your noodles are ready to be eaten.

I chose the spicy miso ($15.80). I loved it! The soup was  flavourful and the ingredients were all crunchy and fresh. The char siew was quite forgettable though.

Enjoy your ramen! The meal comes with a bowl of rice which you can add into the soup after finishing your noodles. Two ways of enjoyment. 

Won’t you be too full? Yes and no. Firstly, all ramen comes in two sizes. The smaller portion suffices for most people. Secondly, it looks like a lot of carbs, but actually the noodles are being propped up by a generous handful of bean sprouts and vegetables. This prevents the noodles from getting burnt by the hot stone bowl. That said, this ramen is certainly not for you if you happen to dislike bean sprouts. 

177 River Valley Road, #01-09/10 Liang Court, S(179030)

Daily 11am to 1030pm

Fridays and Saturdays till 3am

+65 63976636

Website here

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Burp Kitchen & Bar, Bedok Reservoir Road

Worth a try.

Make sure you have enough time for a stroll after your meal. Even better if you’re there during the evenings. Burp Kitchen & Bar is strategically situated right next to Bedok Reservoir, so you get greats views with affordable dining.

Indoor seating is limited, so do make reservations if you’re coming on a weekend for dinner.

Triple Cheese ($15). American cheese, mozzarella, cheddar cheese on a patty topped with bacon on a charcoal bun.

Beefy Shrooms ($16). Sauteed mushrooms on a patty topped with truffle mayo.

Both burgers come with a side of potato chips.

I blame media reviews for my over-expectation of this place. Yes the scenery views are good and the interesting variety of mains are a bonus, but my burgers weren’t that fantastic. The meat patty was not as juicy as I hoped it would be and the burger tasted rather bland even with the toppings. The potato chips are just snacks you can pick off the supermarket shelves.

Wide variety that looks super tempting but I was too full.

I am disappointed with their burgers, but maybe their quesadilla, tacos and pasta are a different story?

740 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3165, S(470740)

Closed Mondays.

Tuesdays to Fridays – 4pm to 12midnight

Saturdays and Sundays – 12 noon to 12 midnight

+65 84284722

Facebook here

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Gudetama Cafe, Suntec City

Worth a try.

For such cutesy cafes, it’s the experience and ambience that counts, never the food. Look at this! I’m no big fan of Gudetama, but see this already I also want to go in. Plus it’s pretty hard to miss, given its close proximity to the convention centre taxi stand.

The pictures on the walls can move! Hmm, what’s that on the top left hand corner of the picture?

A Gudetama waffle!!! Design effort maximum points!

Haha, the table next to mine had a “Bo chup” with Gudetama slacking under the egg shell.

The menu is playfully designed. 

Big “Nua” Breakfast. Food looks similar to pic! Kawaii ne. The bread was pleasantly sweet. Other than that, this was a pretty normal dish.

Messy Chicken Salad. Look at the yolk. Tsk. Sorry I forgot to take down the cute name that comes with it!

Lobster bisque with egg. They did somethingto the egg to make it look so round and perfect. The soup was too heavy for my liking, but I liked the crusty bread bowl. 

Chocobanana. Quite nice! I thought the bananas were only at the top but the drink had them blended in as well.

Okay la, I was very impressed when I stepped in for the first time but once the novelty wore off, I was back to my nua self. Oh, don’t be shy, take pics with the Gudetama figures! I paiseh and left the cafe without taking any. Sigh. Regret!

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-361, Suntec City Mall, S(038983) 

Monday to Thursday – 9am to 10pm

Friday to Sunday – 8am to 10pm 

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Tsuta Singapore, Pacific Plaza

Go when there’s a slight queue.

Am not sure a 1.5 hour wait is worth it for Tsuta, a one Michelin star ramen. I was there on a rainy Saturday night at 8pm and still the queue was snaking! The wet conditions outside really made me yearn for the hot bowl of ramen that everyone was talking about, but alas! When I finally reached the entrance, there was more queuing to be done inside (as above). Bummed.

Counter where you key in your orders and pay, McDonalds style. It’s a very Jap thing to do and quite prevalent in Japan – Minimise awkward conversations while automating the whole process.

One chef to set the noodles, one to lay out the sliced char siew pieces, one to put the garnishes. 

Truffle Shoyu Ramen ($16.80 with egg). Comes with one slice of char siew. The bigger portion comes with four slices and cost $22.80 with egg. I heard that the Shoyu version is stronger tasting than the Shio version.

I think truffle instantly makes anything taste awesome. Fries, pizza, edamame, ramen. So the soup was delicious. I slurped a huge portion which I don’t normally do. I also liked that their bamboo shoots weren’t the typical factory cut short pieces. It was one long piece for Tsuta. Could have been less stingy and given more than one though. Char Siew was quite soft and had a nice texture to it. Noodles were pretty normal.

Great job for the flavoured egg. Even if you don’t fancy ramen eggs, go for this.

Tsuta is one of the better Shoyu ramens in Singapore, but I wouldn’t go when the queue is more than 30 minutes. Also, if you’re not a truffle lover, skip this place completely. They only have two versions of ramen, and both come with truffle.

9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01, S(228210)

Daily 11am to 10pm

Facebook here

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Kam’s Roast, Pacific Plaza


No goose at this Michelin One Star in Singapore? No fret. Duck’s just as good. How does this compare with London Fat Duck? Way better in my opinion! Despite having the shiny title of a One Star, Kam’s Roast is very much affordably priced. The friendly staff will advice you on how much portion would be sufficient for you and your guests, and stop you from ordering too much. Taste wise, it’s well seasoned and tender. Not overly dry like most of the ducks you eat out there. 

We also tried their chicken which surprise, surprise, went beyond my expectations. No one person in my family usually eats chicken breast meat but for this, everyone fought till the very last piece.

Char Siew and Shao Rou. At Kam’s Roast, you get to choose between their signature char siew, which is about half meat and half fats, or the normal type char siew. Of course we chose the signature. I liked the melt in your mouth texture but for the health conscious, this would not be their favourite. If you’re thinking of ordering the normal lean meat char siew, my advice is you can also eat it elsewhere so save your money here. Shou Rou on the other hand was the most ordinary tasting meat amongst the three. Nothing mouth watering to mention.

For your carbs, choose the noodles!!! More expensive than rice, but it’s not your usual blanced in hot water noodle then add a little soya sauce noodle. I can’t pin point why it’s so tasty, maybe because it’s complemented with ginger and spring onions? I strongly urge you to get it!

9 Scotts Road, #01-04 to 07, S(228210)

Monday to Fridays 11am to 10pm 

Saturday, Sunday, PH 10am to 10pm 
+65 6836 7788

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126 Wan Dou Sek Dim Sum, Serangoon Road

Worth a try.

Just for its sheer variety.

Featuring the Cheong Fun first because I think it’s the best dish of the meal, and because you don’t get this elsewhere. So if there’s just one thing your tummy has space for. Get this.

Har Gao and Siew Mai. Must orders at any dim sum shop. Tasted ordinary, but I’m glad the siew mai didn’t come off as being too strong in the gee taste.

Mini Kou Rou Bao. The skin itself is very thin as you can see in the picture, but it didn’t help to enhance the oomph factor of the bun. I was quite disappointed with the lack of moisture, and the meat was rather tough. 

Char Siew Sticky Rice. Do not order this. 

Barley with  winter melon. There are chunks of winter melon in this drink so I thought it was really worth it. Do try out their other mixtures, they’ve got a couple of interesting ones. By the way, their drinks come in takeaway containers, minus the lid. An innovative idea to save on the cups perhaps.

Honestly the dim sum is mediocre. I’ll definitely come back here to try out the other dishes, but I’ll be sure not to set high expectations the next time I’m here.  

1086 Serangoon Road, S(328187)

Daily 5pm to 2am

+65 62975032

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7 unique CNY snacks to get from Takashimaya

Okay, so the time of the year is here again where you try to dodge your overly concerned relatives’ questions of when you are going to get married and have kids.

I figured that a good way out would be to divert their attention to the interesting tasting snacks sitting atop your coffee table. Here’s my top 7 list of goodies that you can get from the Takashimaya fair (not in order of favourites):

1. Yuzu Pineapple Tart, Old Seng Choong

The light and refreshing yuzu is well balanced, not too overpowering, but yet not overshadowed by the pineapple taste.

2. Fragrant Lychee Cookies, Peony Jade

Lychee cookies are not new in the market, but having tried some other lychee cookies at the fair, Peony Jade’s one came out tops for me.

3. Sea Salt Almond, Butter Studio

The sea salt can get a little subtle and non obvious unless someone points it out to you, but once you get the hang of it there’s no stopping! 

4. Shrimp Laksa, The Cookie Museum

No surprises from Cookie Museum, which is know to always experiment with their cookie flavours. The unique thing about this cookie is that there’s a dried shrimp on each and every piece of cookie. Presentation is gold.

5. Rose Tea Cookie, Home’s Favourite

For the tea loving party people out there.

6. Almond Orange, Ollella

Ollella is well known for their pastries, but their Almond Orange didn’t disappoint. Plus point for the simple yet moden packaging. While you’re there, do try their Kueh Lapis as well.

7. CNY Hampers, Asian Treasures

Asian Treasures specialises in hampers and the only do this once a year, at Takashimaya. All hampers consist of at least a can of abalone, coupled with various premium items such as Buddha Jump Over the Wall, dried scallops, dried mushrooms, etc. Bound to make all mothers happy and definitely a conversation starter, these highly decorative and auspicious looking hampers are also a great gift for businesses. 

Talking about abalones, besides the usual Australia and New Zealand big abalones, Asian Treasures also carry Golden Amidori abalones – mixture of Japan and Taiwan baby abalones. Imagine serving your guests with one whole baby abalone each!

The CNY fair is now on at Takashimaya Square, B2, from now till 26 Jan 17. 

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