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8 CNY snacks to usher in the new year, Takashimaya

It’s pretty in pink at Takashimaya this CNY 2018 as local and overseas bakeries bring forth their best cookies to the table. Littlemissramen visited the fair on the first day of the event and here are my top favourites.

1. Yuzu Orange, Divine Cookies

This is my top favourite because after eating all the heavy and dense foodstuff everybody stuffed you with (because CNY), this unassuming, petite biscuit magically breaks the tardiness with it’s refreshing and light texture. You’re good to chiong again, and you’re welcome.

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2. Purple Boo-Berry, The Cookie Museum

Unfortunately the sales girl stopped me before I could get a better picture.

The name doesn’t do justice to what’s inside the cookie. It has purple wheat, purple corn, blueberry, oats and white chocolate. How’s that for a super power healthy cookie? You probably can’t tell there’s so much goodness in one single cookie because of the intense flavour of the blueberry, but I’m not complaining. the taste is excellent. These do not come cheap but they’re definitely worth a try.

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3. Bak Kut Teh Cookies, Old Seng Choong

Having this around will definitely break the silence during awkward CNY gatherings. Kampong Spirit also carries other unique flavours such as cereal prawn, but I felt that the Bak Kut Teh was the most outstanding.

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4. Caramel Oat Cookies, Kele

Yet another healthy cookie on the list this year. Those watching your weight will definitely feel less guilty munching this snack. I do shudder at the thought of an oat cookie, but caramel makes everything taste and sound good for some reason. Side point: Kele’s infographics are way too cute!

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5. Pink Champagne, Christine’s by The Cookie Museum

Okay I’m familiar with champagne in mooncakes but champagne in cookies? Now that’s something new, and definitely a crowd pleaser. Pink Champagne not only has liqueur, but also rose petals, grapefruit and cereal within. While the alcoholic tones weren’t particularly obvious, the grapefruit and rose petals certainly helped to carry the flavour through.

6. Three Layers White Cloudy Cookies, The Bakerhaus

If you’re tired of eating too much of the crumbly cookie texture, then I suppose the Three Layers White Cloudy Cookie would be a nice alternative. In all honesty the name of the cookie sounds a little silly, but trust me, you’ll be wanting your second piece in no time. There’s a crumbly layer yes, but quickly you’ll also feel an airy, sweet meringue layer.

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7. Salted Egg Potato Chips, Aunty Esther

The salted egg hype has been given a new breath of air because of the recent Straits Times article. I would say that their chips are really light yet the salted egg flavour is both creamy and gao.

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8. Lychee Kueh Bangkit, Butter Studio

Kueh Bangkit is one of my childhood favourites and I’m so glad Butter Studio still has the lychee flavoured ones this year. I ate this last year and made a mental note to find them again this year and so I did.

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Bonus: CNY Hampers, Asian Treasures

If you’re feeling generous this year and would like to up your hamper gifting game, do check out Asian Treasures for their CNY hampers. I particularly like this year’s hampers because apart from the usual Chinese delicacies like abalone, Asian Treasures’ hampers have incorporated local bakes like salted egg yolk cookies.

The Takashimaya fair runs from now till 14 Feb 18.

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Lau Ah Tee Bak Kut Teh, Whampoa West

Worth a try.

Just next to Boon Keng MRT is a coffee shop selling traditional Teochew Bak Kut Teh. I’ve long heard of this place, and finally got a chance to try it. During my time there, I observed a constant flow of people, which is testimony that this place has a spot in many Singaporeans’ hearts.

Set in a coffee shop, Lau Ah Tee BKT scores maximum points for that nostalgic vibe.

Braised pork trotters, short ribs, salted vegetables, approx $20.

Unfortunately when I visited on a weekday night, the long prime ribs were all sold out. I settled for the shorter version which by default is tougher and harder to eat. Lau Ah Tee hits the right peppery notes familiar to that of Teochew BKT, but their soup was a little too diluted for my liking. 

The braised pork trotters were good. Well seasoned with the meat falling off the bone with just a little push.

Halfway through my meal the table next to us ordered steamed fish and upon closer observation, many tables around mine were having that as well. It did smell and look very fragrant, but because I only had my partner with me for dinner, we would not be able to finish the additional dish of steamed fish.

Would I go back again? Honestly I have mixed feelings about this place. A BKT shop’s main pride should be the soup, but Lau Ah Tee BKT’s soup really isn’t as strong and shiok as some others that I’ve tried, the closest one physically being Founders BKT at Rangoon Road, so in terms of distance I might choose Founders over Lau Ah Tee to satisfy my BKT craving. However, the thought of the steamed fish makes me want to give this a second chance.

Blk 34 Whampoa West, #01-67, S(330034)

Daily: 7am to 9pm

+65 9755 5250

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