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Nun Song Yee, Bukit Timah

Worth a try.

Located within the Korean neighbourhood of Bukit Timah, Nun Song Yee is a convenient dessert place to end off your meal after a visit to Oven & Fried Chicken next door. 

Nun Song Yee sits a comfortable crowd of people and I was told that this place is packed at nights. Not to worry about not getting a spot though, the cafe is open 24 hours so you’ll definitely get your bingsu fix at one hour or the other.

The seating below the platform doesn’t seem right. Allows cheekopek eyes to peek into the skirts and shorts of girls seated on the platform. Plus, it’s kinda awkward to be next to someone’s butt while you enjoy your bingsu.

Black Sesame Bingsu, $18.90.

For all black sesame lovers out there. The Black Sesame Bingsu is topped with a generous helping of red bean, four cubes of chewy mochi and almond flakes enough to last till the very last spoon. They also serve it with a tiny cup of condense milk which is optional but trust me, it makes the bingsu so much nicer. As you dig into the bingsu, you’ll realise that there are layers of black sesame and soybean powder within the snowflake ice. Don’t bother rationing your  powder on top for the last few mouthfuls.

Pat Bingsu, $14.90.

Having eaten the Black Sesame Bingsu, the Pat Bingsu pales in comparison. I guess if you’re not hungry but craving for that little bit of bingsu to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is the bingsu for you. As with the Black Sesame Bingsu, Pat Bingsu has layers of soybean powder within the snowflake ice. However, because it’s so light, condense milk is a must for this to sustain your interest all the way till the end.

Overall, Nun Song Yee is a convenient place to hang out with your pals until the wee hours of the night. The prices are on the steep side if you order their premium range such as the Black Sesame Bingsu, but hey, the portion is for 4 to share. 

I said worth a try at the beginning of my post because the taste of the bingsu here didn’t really impress me. Yes the portions are generous but tastewise it can be forgettable. Not something that I would think of eating out of the blue. 

9 Yuk Tong Avenue, S(596314)

Daily 24 hours

+65 9728 8563

Website here

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Tenderfresh Classic, Upper Bukit Timah Road

Maybe not.


Tenderfresh Classic pops out quite innocently amongst all the long time players already present at Cheong Chin Nam Road. The history for Tenderfresh goes a long way back, and I think supporters of Tenderfresh would be more than happy to find one in the heart of Bukit Timah.



The entrance is very, very inviting. I was  sold by the looks of it. This has to taste good.


Newspaper articles as a statement to the quality of Tenderfresh.



Wide variety of food! Be spoilt for choice!

Yes, my taste buds were screaming for me to make a decision. Being the burger fan I am, I decided on their homemade burger.


Homemade beef burger ($13.90)

I was disappointed. The patty didn’t stick well. It was, towards the end, minced meat with fries. The salad was good, though.


Drumstick paella ($7.90)

The roast chicken drumstick was juicy and nicely roasted, but unfortunately it was killed by the rice that pretended to be paella. Such a pity, really.

This place doesn’t have service charge.

Address: 9 Cheong Chin Nam Road

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