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1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar, Tyrwhitt Road


1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar sits in the vicinity of Farrer Park MRT, at a corner just opposite Jalan Besar Stadium. It is the place to go whether you’re looking to gather with a big group of friends, or when you just want to have one or two drinks with your buddy.

Screenshot from 1 Tyrwhitt Bistro Bar’s Facebook page.

Truffle Egg Pizza, $23.80.

I’ve been here a couple of times, including when they first started out a couple of years ago. Pretty happy to say that the Truffle Egg Pizza is still my favourite pizza to order when I’m here. The toppings are generous and the pizza base is thin and crunchy.

Mushroom Risotto.

This truffle aroma of the risotto was super satisfying! I also liked that they chose the right type of grains for their risotto.

Mushroom Prawn Aglio Olio, $16.80.

I was surprised when I took my first bite because this certainly didn’t taste like your usual aglio olio. In fact, it tasted a bit like 麻辣香锅. As a result, it was a great hit with my guests. This should be on our list of to-orders when we’re back here the next time.

Four Cheese Gnocchi.

At this point I must say that you should have your gnocchi done four cheese style IF you’re a serious cheese lover. The flavour was intense. I had two potato bites and I was done with this dish.

Chicken Chop, $16.80.

I know, it looks like a mess here but I would say that this dish is worth every penny. There’s mushroom medley, mashed potatoes, salad and a huge serving of chicken chop. The chicken chop was still juicy when it reached me!

Tiramisu, $8.80.

After gorging on the above, if you find that you only have space for one dessert, please go with the tiramisu. The whole tiramisu was well constructed, with each layer encompassing just the right amount of alcohol-coffee mix.

1 Tyrwhitt Bistro and Bar has got a huge variety on their menu. With soups to finger food to pasta, pizza, mains and desserts, you’ll definitely find something to share or to pair with your wines and spirits. Bonus point: they have a huge seating area and they open till 12 midnight so you can yak away comfortably!

1 Tyrwhitt Road, S(207522)

Closed Tuesdays.

Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays: 1130am to 12midnight

+65 6341 5167

Website here

Facebook here

Follow me on Instagram here


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OTC Cafe, National Library

Worth a try.

This cafe at a little corner of the library is perfect for people watching. It’s next to full length windows on level 3 of the National Library Building, which makes it a nice spot to settle down for a couple of hours as you watch the world go by.

I visited on a weekday noon for brunch and the place was really quiet and peaceful.

Special Truffle Mushroom Pizza.

Not exactly sure what’s so special about this truffle pizza. The crust of the pizza has a doughy texture, so towards the end of my meal it felt more like eating mushroom bread. The pizza isn’t cut so you get to have a little “action” with your food. Not the most fun though, because the plate holding the pizza isn’t flat and is smaller than the pizza itself so you can’t fully cut through.

Papa Jo’s Burger.

Besides the pepper sauce which was a nice touch, not much else to comment about the burger except for the plate which was way too small. Mind you, the fries weren’t even here because they needed more time to fry them and the contents of my burger were already falling out of the plate when cut into bite sized pieces. Seems like OTC has problems with their plates haha.

OTC doesn’t have service charge, and you are expected to return your plates to the counter after you’re done.

OTC’s food is average at best, and highly forgettable. The draw of this place is really it’s high ceiling, naturally lit seatings and quiet atmosphere. Perfect for me time or that long overdue catch up.

100 Victoria Street, S(188064)

National Library Building Level 3

Daily: 11am to 9pm

+65 6333 0181

Website here

Facebook here

Follow me on Instagram here

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Bangkok in 5 Days and 4 Nights

I recently went on a 5D4N trip to Bangkok (BKK), Thailand and thought that I should pen down my itinerary here with some tips for you guys, as well as recommend some food places.

Day 1 – Talad Rot Fai Ratchada

I arrived at BKK on Saturday night, about 730pm. As soon as I cleared immigration and bought my data sim card (300baht for 8 days, 4G speed capped at 2.5GB), I booked an Uber to my hotel. I stayed at Arte Hotel, located within walking distance to Terminal 21. My fare there cost 300baht, $13 SGD.

Tip: Use Uber/Grab to get around BKK. That way, you wouldn’t need to bargain with taxi/ tuk tuk drivers, and you can be sure that your Uber driver would know where to alight you. Plus, you won’t have weird charges after your ride (I took taxi once and the driver wanted to charge me an additional 50baht for going a “faster” way). On average, the difference in price as compared to taking a metered taxi isn’t that much.

After checking in, I headed out and took the metro from Sukhumvit to Thailand Cultural Centre. Followed the crowd and cut through Esplanade Shopping Mall before exiting via the carpark which would eventually lead me to Rot Fai Ratchada.

River Prawns Combo, about 370baht, $15 SGD.

The best food I found at Rot Fai Ratchada was river prawns in a bag! I went for the river prawns combo because river prawns in Thailand are huge!!! Not like the tiny ones you get when you prawn in Singapore for an expensive $36 for 3 hours. I picked the original non spicy flavour but I’m not sure if they mixed up my order or the original taste was as such because it sure was spicy! Taste wise it had a strong hint of tom yam amidst other herbs. Yums.

End off your meal and walk with a thirst quenching (and pretty looking) ice blended watermelon for 60baht ($2.50 SGD).

Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is open from Thursdays to Sundays, 5pm to 1am.

Day 2 – Chatuchak Market, Siam, Talad Neon

Started the day at the famous Chatuchak Market, which opens at around 9am. I would suggest having breakfast elsewhere before heading to Chatuchak, because the food at Chatuchak is not exactly cheap and good. Plus, no rush to get to the market early because some of the shops won’t be fully operational till about 11am. 
Tip: Bring shades. And a battery operated fan. You probably won’t have the stamina to comb through the entire market systematically, so just make the best out of it. Also, if you see something that you like, just get it. Some shops at Chatuchak now are actually quite affordable. 

You would still be full from breakfast and Chatuchak snacks (be sure to eat their coconut ice cream with peanuts!), so head back to your hotel to rest and relax before starting your evening again. 

Tip: Bring your swimming gear along. Find a hotel with a swimming pool. Have fun!

Left my hotel at about 4pm and took the BTS from Asok to Siam. My main aim there was to eat beef noodles at Siam Paragon and shop at Siam Square One.

Australian Wagyu, 550baht, $25 SGD.

Introducing Nuer Koo! It’s basically sliced beef in a simmered beef broth that’s not any like I’ve tried before. These beef noodles do not come cheap, ranging from 180baht to 950baht ($8 to $38 SGD) for various types including rib eye and Kobe beef. The beef doesn’t come with staple so you’ll have to top up another 25baht for noodles. I tried the Australian Wagyu and it was so good. Trust me, it was so good that I’m having cravings for it right now in Singapore. Grrrr. 

I wanted to try the desserts at After You because  of all the rave, but decided to go for something mango because, Thailand. Googled around and they pointed me to Mango Tango along Siam Square.

Mango Tango with Sticky Rice, 160baht, $7.

Looks totally Instagram worthy, but sigh it’s not as delicious as it looks. The mango pudding was so disappointing. I liked the mango sorbet though, it had a thick, solid texture.

After my food I walked around Siam Square hoping to bag some shopping deals but unfortunately nothing caught my eye. So I headed to my dinner venue instead.

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant (screenshot from Ban Khun Mae’s website). 

My friend told me that this place had a long history and I didn’t believe him at first but after trying the food here, I second and triple him. A must try for this place is their Baked Pineapple Rice. 

To digest dinner quicker, I walked all the way from Siam to Talad Neon which is behind Platinum Fashion Mall. It was at least a 30 minute walk. 

At Talad Neon, I didn’t eat or buy much stuff. The place was similar to Rot Fai, so I got bored quickly after awhile. I did come across this sparkly drink.

You can have it either as a cocktail or mocktail. Prices are within 100 to 200baht ($4 to $8 SGD). I guess you could try it for the novelty, but that’s about it. 

Ending off the night, I went for a Thai massage at Healthland Asok which was near my hotel. It’s supposedly a popular place for  Singaporeans as well. A 2 hour massage cost 600baht ($26 SGD), which is quite reasonable given the better condition of this place. I tipped my masseuse 20baht, because she was standing there bidding me goodbye so I paiseh. I’m not sure if such a practice is still commonplace these days.

Day 3 – Platinum Fashion Mall, Chinatown

Woke up and Ubered to Platinum Fashion Mall for shopping. My friends said that the food court at Platinum Fashion Mall is not bad, but how, how can I resist the wonton mee and braised pork rice at one of the streets opposite Platinum Fashion Mall?

Braised Pork Rice.

Wonton Mee.

The wonton mee and braised pork rice isn’t cheap at 100baht ($5 SGD) each, which probably isn’t worth the price according to BKK’s standards, but still worth a try if haven’t done so. Chilli is a must for your wonton mee. Don’t say that you’ve tried their wonton mee until you’ve eaten it with chilli. The braised pork rice was also very pleasant; rather flavourful but don’t ever scrutinise their preparations haha. 

The feel of Platinum Fashion Mall is still the same, but majority of the clothes here sell for 250baht and above even at “bulk” price. That’s like $12 SGD. Still cheaper compared to the clothes in Singapore, but not as cheap as a couple of years ago where you could still get a decent skirt and dress for 150baht. And mind you, not like there was an improvement in quality of the clothes. 

After a lot of walking, I headed back to my hotel where I went for a swim again! 

Tip: Don’t bother getting an Uber from Platinum Fashion Mall. The roads there are too congested for any Uber car to reach you within 10minutes. 

Screenshot from Terminal 21’s Facebook.

After a good rest at my hotel, I walked over to Terminal 21 where it’s mainly window shopping. Each level is of a different theme, so you have London, Paris, Japan, Hollywood etc. Really cool but again, nothing much to be bought from this mall. I was more excited over the food variety in Terminal 21 hehe. Terminal 21 has many restaurants like Coco Ichibanya, MK Steamboat, Tony Roma’s, Ootoya, Swensens but I think the best place to dine at is the food court, also known as Pier 21.

The prices at Pier 21 are so affordable (average about 50baht, $2.50 SGD)! The natural instinct is to over order, but please control yourself. I tried the Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, Tom Yam Soup, Braised Pork Rice and Mango Sticky Rice. Of all the dishes here, the weakest was the Tom Yam Soup. You can skip it. 

Pad Thai.

Tom Yam Soup.

Papaya Salad.

Braised Pork Rice.

Wholesome pot of braised pork. See already also shiok. 

It sounds really crazy but after all these feasting at Pier 21, I headed to Chinatown to eat seafood dinner! It’s so strange, somehow I just could eat meals after meals after meals. Anyway, Chinatown is some distance away from Terminal 21 so there’s time to disgest the food in your tummy. 

Tip: Take an Uber to Chinatown. Being such a far place, few taxis will send you there on a meter. 

I dined at this place called T & K Seafood. It’s super chaotic on the ground level, so you’ll be quickly whisked away to the upper floors. Rule of thumb — minimally order crab, steamed fish and clams or mussels.

Crab with Glass Noodles, 400baht, $17SGD.

The glass noodles were soooo flavourful!! Reminds me of japchae, the Korean glass noodles. Also has the wok hei taste which makes it super yummy.

Steamed Fish in Garlic and Lemon Soup.

The fish wasn’t very big, it’s probably good enough for 3 pax. I liked the lemon soup! Masked the fishy smell and gave the extra punch.

After dinner I headed next door for bird’s nest at Nam Sing (strange, seems like everyone visits BKK’s Chinatown for three things only: seafood, bird’s nest and shark’s fin). Again, contrary to perception that food in BKK is cheap, my bird’s nest cost 300baht (about $14 SGD). It’s nice though, and the toppings are very generous. 

Bird’s Nest.

Day 4 – Roast Cafe, Asiatique

Having done all my shopping the past 3 days, I dedicated day 4 to cafes. By my friend’s repeated recommendation, I headed to Roast at EmQuartier Helix Building B. Because I was early, I got the sit by the full length windows and you know what? Best view ever.

Truffle Alfredo Pasta, 280baht, $12 SGD.

 The pasta was impressive. It’s freshly handmade, so the Tagliatelle strands are of varying sizes. It was also cooked al dante, and the toppings are generous. The creamy sauce can get a little jelat towards the end though. 

Slow Roasted Fried Chicken (480baht, $20 SGD). 

The Slow Roasted Fried Chicken was by far the best roast chicken I’ve ever eaten in a cafe. Having marinated in buttermilk and homemade hot sauce for 48 hours, the flavour of the chicken really hit the spot for me. The chicken comes with their special chilli in a separate bottle, but I didn’t think it was necessary. 

After my meal I was too full to do anything else. Not even have desserts! This was something I regretted. Should have eaten lesser so that I have space for desserts. Tried to walk off the heavy feeling but I just couldn’t, so I ended up going back to my hotel to swim (again!!!).

Headed out to Asiatique for the evening (because a lot of websites hailed Asiatique as one of the best night markets in BKK) and I must tell you here and now that you should skip this night market entirely. It was a total waste of my time. The shopping was mediocre and the food was unmemorable. Plus, the prices of everything was on the high side. To add on, getting here is not easy. You have to take the BTS to Saphan Taksin (44baht from Asok, $2 SGD) and then queue up for a free ferry which can take awhile because the ferry runs once every 15 minutes and if you’re going during peak hours, good luck.

Left within a couple of hours and since it’s my last night in BKK, I went for a full body massage at Healthland Asok again. Shiok.

Day 5 – Back to Singapore

My flight was at 12noon, so I checked out of the hotel at 930am and took Uber to the airport. The journey took about half an hour, and the fare was 375baht (inclusive of 25baht toll free, $15SGD).

At Suvarnabhumi Airport there are shops selling food and souvenirs. I grabbed a quick meal at Ippudo Express before getting onto my flight and it’s home sweet home Singapore!

Overall I feel that the three essential places to shop and eat in BKK are: Rot Fai Ratchada (one night market is enough, trust me), Platinum Fashion Mall, and Chatuchak Market. Shopping wise it was disappointing for me, while food wise I’m glad I found some really good ones.

All prices in SGD in this post are an approximate and not to be taken as is.

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5 The Moments, Tanjong Pagar Road


5 The Moments along Tanjong Pagar Road breaks the momentum of a street lined with salivating smells of Korean BBQ and fried chicken. The colourful outlook and gelato signage were screaming out to me on a hot and sunny afternoon.

The interior is decorated with vintage items which keeps you occupied while you wait for your food.

They have a variety of waffles with ice cream (approx $11) starting with the all familiar buttermilk as your safest bet, to red velvet if you’re feeling more adventurous. They also have lava cakes in either chocolate or matcha flavour. If you don’t feel like having sweet stuff, they do have light bites (approx $9) such as Korean Fried Chicken. Heh but seriously who will order fried chicken here when there are established fried chicken eateries just next door?
Matcha waffles with ferrero rocher ice cream.

Buttermilk waffles with salted caramel ice cream.

The waffles, while crispy, were too thin. I’m the kind that will cut according to the waffle lines into little squares before scooping a spoonful of ice cream into those little squares before gulping them down. Sadly for me, the waffle squares didn’t hold up after being cut.

The salted caramel ice cream was rather weak too. I’ve tried many salted caramel ice creams, and this is one of the weaker ones. The taste and texture really didn’t impress. The ferrero rocher was all right.

On a whole, the waffle with ice cream wasn’t worth it. They also don’t serve water and do not provide serviettes. Put it bluntly, it’s homemade food at restaurant prices. I’ll leave it to you to be the judge if you ever drop by.

P/S: Stop trying to figure it out. “5 The Moments” stands for “Find The Moments”.

73 Tanjong Pagar Road, S(088494)

Sundays to Thursdays: 12pm to 11pm

Fridays and Saturdays: 12pm to 1130pm 

+65 6493 1839

Facebook here

Follow me on Instagram here

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Burp Kitchen & Bar, Bedok Reservoir Road

Worth a try.

Make sure you have enough time for a stroll after your meal. Even better if you’re there during the evenings. Burp Kitchen & Bar is strategically situated right next to Bedok Reservoir, so you get greats views with affordable dining.

Indoor seating is limited, so do make reservations if you’re coming on a weekend for dinner.

Triple Cheese ($15). American cheese, mozzarella, cheddar cheese on a patty topped with bacon on a charcoal bun.

Beefy Shrooms ($16). Sauteed mushrooms on a patty topped with truffle mayo.

Both burgers come with a side of potato chips.

I blame media reviews for my over-expectation of this place. Yes the scenery views are good and the interesting variety of mains are a bonus, but my burgers weren’t that fantastic. The meat patty was not as juicy as I hoped it would be and the burger tasted rather bland even with the toppings. The potato chips are just snacks you can pick off the supermarket shelves.

Wide variety that looks super tempting but I was too full.

I am disappointed with their burgers, but maybe their quesadilla, tacos and pasta are a different story?

740 Bedok Reservoir Road, #01-3165, S(470740)

Closed Mondays.

Tuesdays to Fridays – 4pm to 12midnight

Saturdays and Sundays – 12 noon to 12 midnight

+65 84284722

Facebook here

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Gudetama Cafe, Suntec City

Worth a try.

For such cutesy cafes, it’s the experience and ambience that counts, never the food. Look at this! I’m no big fan of Gudetama, but see this already I also want to go in. Plus it’s pretty hard to miss, given its close proximity to the convention centre taxi stand.

The pictures on the walls can move! Hmm, what’s that on the top left hand corner of the picture?

A Gudetama waffle!!! Design effort maximum points!

Haha, the table next to mine had a “Bo chup” with Gudetama slacking under the egg shell.

The menu is playfully designed. 

Big “Nua” Breakfast. Food looks similar to pic! Kawaii ne. The bread was pleasantly sweet. Other than that, this was a pretty normal dish.

Messy Chicken Salad. Look at the yolk. Tsk. Sorry I forgot to take down the cute name that comes with it!

Lobster bisque with egg. They did somethingto the egg to make it look so round and perfect. The soup was too heavy for my liking, but I liked the crusty bread bowl. 

Chocobanana. Quite nice! I thought the bananas were only at the top but the drink had them blended in as well.

Okay la, I was very impressed when I stepped in for the first time but once the novelty wore off, I was back to my nua self. Oh, don’t be shy, take pics with the Gudetama figures! I paiseh and left the cafe without taking any. Sigh. Regret!

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-361, Suntec City Mall, S(038983) 

Monday to Thursday – 9am to 10pm

Friday to Sunday – 8am to 10pm 

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Fart Tartz, Expo

Try it!

This beautiful place sits at a corner of Expo (it’s so far but I think there’s a Chinatown branch so fear not!) and I’m so glad I chanced upon it. The outdoor garden themed cafe makes your day cheerier if the full length windows by the seats haven’t already done so.

Why say no to something so pretty?

I didn’t come here for desserts unfortunately, but they have very interesting stuff on their menu.

Bulbous Oriental ($14.90). Spaghetti with smoked duck and fish roe.

At first impression, smoked duck doesn’t sound like it would go well with fish roe so I was skeptical of the combination but it was surprisingly good! I mean, look at that amount of fish roe!!! Crunchy fish roe in every bite.

Goldie Salted Egg Chix ($15.90). 

First time I’m trying a salted egg sauce that’s mixed with mayo. The mayo makes the overall dish texture fuller and creamier. I don’t really know what’s the dough like pastry complementing the chicken, but it’s light and fluffy so you wouldn’t feel jelat at the end of the dish. 

Overall I would give it a thumbs up. Not only for the food, but for the cosy setup that obviously took a lot of effort and thoughts into making this place the way it is. 

1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo, Max-Atria (Foyer 1), #02-04, S486150

+65 64932901

Monday to Thursday 9AM to 6PM

Friday to Sunday 9AM to 8PM

Website here

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