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Kai Garden, Marina Square


Okay so in my world of dim sum I’ve only regarded Imperial Treasures Nan Bei Takashimaya as the place to go to for great dim sum. I can now add another place to that — Kai Garden.

Kai Garden at Marina Square is opened by chef Fung Chi Keung, previously from Paradise Group, the people behind the famous colourful Xiao Long Bao. The Cantonese restaurant prides itself on their Peking Duck, known for different flavoured wraps and dips. I was excited to try it, until I saw their executive set lunch.

Without second thoughts I ordered Set Lunch A to share with my partner. No point having two of the same set, plus, Kai Garden’s dim sum menu looked too appealing. So I added some dim sum to the lunch.

Honey BBQ Pork, Deep Fried Beancurd Roll with Prawns, Sliced Peking Duck with Condiments.

Daily Double Boiled Soup.

Baked Cod Fillet with Teriyaki Sauce with Enoki Wrapped in Kurobuta Pork.

Pan Seared Glutinuous Rice with Egg and Black Truffle.

Chilled Fresh Coconut Puree.

I looked forward to every dish, and for sure I wasn’t disappointed. Every dish was well executed and tasty.

While the dishes sound ordinary, it was the little touches that really made the dish a notch higher. For example, the baked cod fish was placed on a crispy biscuit of sorts. Very innovative.

I particularly liked the fresh coconut puree because this was my first time having something like that at a Chinese restaurant for dessert. It was refreshing and cooling, perfect way to end the meal on a light note.

Deep Fried Scallop with Mango Roll, $6.80.

The mango roll was really light and crispy! The sauce within also complemented it really well, not too much not too little. Highly recommend this dim sum.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling (Ha Gao), $6.50.

The skin of any Ha Gao is always the hardest to get right. I gave this a thumbs up because of that reason. The prawns within were big and crunchy as well but the skin was the winner for me.

Crispy Cheong-fun with Minced Mushrooms, $5.60.

When I saw crispy cheong-fun I immediately thought it was you tiao wrapped in cheong-fun skin and topped with minced mushrooms. Nope, it wasn’t like that. Instead, the insides of the cheong-fun were filled with fluffy and crunchy bits alongside the minced mushroom. To help maintain the crispyness, the cheong-fun sauce is left by the side and you should only dip a piece into the sauce before eating. I highly recommend this dish as well.

By now you would have noticed that Kai Garden comes with a steep price tag. It may seem that a $6.50 Ha Gao is too much for dim sum but think about the other dishes. For its creativity, exquisiteness and ambience, I’d say Kai Garden is worth every penny and calorie.

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #03-128A/128B, S(039594)

Weekdays: 1130am to 330pm, 6pm to 11pm

Weekends: 11am to 4pm, 6 to 11pm

+65 6250 4826

Website here

Facebook here

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Food R Us, Queen’s Road

Worth a try.

Food R Us occupies the void deck of an old HDB block at Queen’s Road. It doesn’t face the main road, so I’m guessing it relies heavily on word of mouth to keep it going. I heard of this place from my friend who strongly recommended it and decided to try it out myself on a Saturday evening. 

It’s almost as if your ah ma opened a zichar store below her house to pass time but the forward looking grandson decided to make it look hipster-ish to attract the younger crowd.

Except that you didn’t do it quite right. The interior design was conflicting and confusing. 

1950s Shanghai?

Or 2000s modern cafe? It’s a bit of a stretch for the eyes, but the lights at the payment counter were encased in wine bottles. What are you trying to do here?

Okay on to the food. We were advised to preorder the duck because it can get quite crowded and the duck may sell out. So we ordered a double platter consisting duck and char siew. 

This is a zoomed in photo of the food. In reality, the plate was way too big which was more of a space taker than majestic looking. The char siew was slightly over charred for my liking, but the taste was above average. I had higher expectations for the duck (since the restaurant implied that it would be sold out presumably because it’s delicious right?) which left me a little disappointed. Yes the meat was tender, but flavour wise, there are better ones around for a fraction of the price. 

Salted egg fish slices.

I didn’t enjoy this dish. Salted egg is seldom paired with fish, for good reasons. Since it was on Food R Us’ menu, I thought they would have thought through this dish. Nope.

Spinach with egg.

This dish was decent. It felt more like a soup rather than a vegetable dish, but I guess it’s all about preferences. 

Bee Hoon with Prawns.

This was the best dish of the night. The wok hei taste was on target, and the prawns were big and juicy. 

They also have homemade ginger tea which I thought was a must drink if you’re there.

Overall, Food R Us is a Cantonese restaurant run by a family. Expect to see a couple of very elderly ah ma serving you your food. The staff were also quite friendly, but I have mixed feelings about going back a second time. Food R Us is not cheap. The dishes are slightly above average, but way too expensive to qualify for your neighbourhood comfort zi char. 

Also, we reserved for a table of six. Instead of a round table, we were made to sit a long table. This made it extremely hard to share the food. We felt it especially so because the plates were huge, making it cumbersome to pass around. Even the person serving had difficulty finding spaces on our table. We were still early into our dinner, so as soon as we saw that an empty round table was available, we asked if we could move. Strangely, we were told that it was reserved. Erm, we reserved a space too, my friend. 

3 Queen’s Road, #02-171, S(260003)

Daily 10am to 11pm

+65 6473 3882

Facebook page here

Follow me on Instagram here!

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