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Thai Goldmine Kitchen, Kitchener Road


Fans of Thai food rejoice, for you’ll have yet another authentic Thai eatery to get your padthai craving fixed. From humble beginnings three years ago at Harbourfront’s Tuckshop, Thai Goldmine Kitchen has expanded their sawadee to having their very own shophouse at Kitchener Road. 

If you’re familiar with Kitchener Road, you would have heard of Zen Fut Sai Kai, Singapore’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Thai Goldmine Kitchen took over the spot after they vacated, but not without retaining their heritage. Only at this flagship store would you find vegetarian dishes using Zen Fut Sai Kai’s recipes so fans, be happy! 

Papaya Salad.

Papaya salads are one of the key dishes that tells the standard of a restaurant. Thai Goldmine Kitchen’s papaya salad is excellent. Fiery, sour, sweet, flavourful. The generous topping of peanuts brings the dish up another notch!

Sukhothai Mee Pok.

If you only have enough stomach space for one dish, you must order the Sukhothai Mee Pok. This version, adapted by their Sous Chef Noi, comes with a long list of ingredients such as honey roast pork, minced meat, crushed peanuts, beansprouts, fried beancurd skin and fishball soup. Be sure to mix in the poached egg and their homemade chilli sauce to achieve that oomph effect. 

Garlic Pork.

Loved the fried garlic bits atop the chunky pork slices. I could snack on this all day long and not get jelat.

Thai Spicy Long Beans with Pork.

This was a little surprising for me. I had expected the pork to be minced, but yet it came in juicy bite sized pieces. The dish itself was flavorful but it wasn’t as spicy as I hoped it would be.

Thai Green Curry Chicken. Ah, I should have scooped the ingredients up for a better picture. 

I was very impressed with this green curry. Having tried a lot of Thai green curries from various Thai restaurants, Thai Goldmine Kitchen’s green curry really stood out for me. It’s not your usual milky and starchy green curry; the aroma and texture of this green curry is superb. Plus, they were really generous with the ingredients (mainly chicken, woots!).

Prawn Omelette.

This dish was done well. The omelette was fluffy and the prawns were fresh. Usually, such Thai omelettes would be dripping with oil but this was not too bad.

Mango Sticky Rice.

How can you not end off your meal at a Thai eatery without eating mango stick rice. Thai Goldmine Kitchen’s mango sticky rice passed my expectations. You know in Singapore, it’s quite hard to find sweet mangoes but I’m glad they managed to get it. Sweet. Bonus for this dish — their glutinous rice was served warm!!

I found this out by chance, but if you happened to visit their toilet, along the way you’ll find pictures of Thailand accompanied by short write ups. Educational much.

Before I left, the owner was telling me that they would have specials that tie in with Thailand’s Festivals. So for the upcoming Elephant Festival, they would be running promotions with their Chang Beer (cos Chang’s logo is an elephant, geddit?)

Thai Goldmine Kitchen is a good alternative to the famous Nakhon where snaky queues form even before the eatery opens for dinner. So why wait when you can have somwhere else that’s just as authentic, delicious and affordable?
147 Kitchener Road, S(208524)

Daily: 11am to 9pm

+65 6909 2020

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Face to Face Noodle House, City Square Mall


City Square is your typical heartland mall which tries to be a notch higher than the others. With Din Tai Feng and Astons on the menu, eateries here can get quite competitive in terms of selection and pricing. 

Chanced upon Face to Face Noodle House one evening and decided to give it a try since the vibe looked quite promising.

You have to order at the cashier before finding a seat. Yay to no service charge!

House Specialty Pan Mee ($8.90).

Erm… I think Qiu Lian ban mian is nicer. Actually normal hawker ban mian is comparable leh, and way cheaper.

Traditional Sarawak Noodles ($10.90 with a drink and side dish).

Upgrade your noodles to a set meal for a nominal fee to get a drink and a mini side dish. I say mini because, well, spot my two wontons!

The noodles itself were ordinary. Not particularly tasty and actually rather dry, but at least the chilli didn’t disappoint. It probably saved this whole dish. 

For the price, I would say that Face to Face Noodle House is not worth wasting your money and calories for.

180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #02-23/24, S(208539)

+65 65090182

Daily 11am to 10pm

Website here 

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