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Shima Teppanyaki Buffet, Goodwood Park Hotel

Worth a try.

Shima is synonymous to teppanyaki. I myself love a good teppanyaki (some food courts serve really good teppanyaki btw!) and when I heard Shima offers teppanyaki buffet, it was game on.

Went with my family and we got really good seats and a teppanyaki chef all to ourselves.

Although it’s a buffet, they would first serve you one serving of every item on the menu. You can then request for your favourite dishes thereafter.

For starters, they offer sashimi, tempura prawn and shisamo, and gyoza. I would say give these dishes a miss except for the salmon sashimi.

While you’re nibbling on your starters, keep your eyes peeled for the chef as he readies his tools. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the performance. Can’t help but notice the cute pair of goggles worn by the chef when he’s cooking.

All the food was already apportioned for my party of six before we arrived. So the cooking was rather seamless, one dish after another.


The chicken was well marinated in teriyaki sauce. It was juicy and tender, yet at the same time it was a little charred and caramelised.

Prawns and squid.

A quick way to tell how well trained a teppanyaki chef is, is to see how he cooks the prawns and squid. These two items get overcooked really quickly, and you wouldn’t want them to be undercooked. Glad to say the chef at my table was well skilled.


I have to say that my favourite dish at this teppanyaki buffet was the cooked salmon. The chef will first cook the salmon in a self made aluminium foil container laden with teriyaki sauce mix, before placing it into the cute little clam dish you see above. Again, the salmon was cooked perfectly, another testimony to the level of the chef.

Beef steak.

The heaviest item of the buffet is the steak. It also came the last, so if you’re a big fan of steaks, do save some space for them! I requested for mine to be medium rare, and it turned out perfect.

p/s they serve teppanyaki oysters as well but it didn’t look good on picture.

Lemongrass jelly with raisins.

After my meal I was whisked away to an empty table and served a cup of refreshing ice cool jelly. Would say that this ended my meal nicely as it cuts through all the grease of the teppanyaki.

At $59++ for a weekend lunch, I think it might be worth the while if you are a serious huge fan of teppanyaki, and a big eater. If not, you should probably spend your money on a decent international buffet instead. To be honest, I didn’t get any second servings apart from the salmon, just because it was so well cooked. Felt quite bo hua, you know?

Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, #01-00, S(228221)

Daily: 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 1030pm

+65 6734 6281

Website here

Facebook here

Follow me on Instagram here


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Weekend High Tea Buffet, Ritz-Carlton Millenia


Surprise surprise. I left Ritz-Carlton feeling full, but very unsatisfied and unimpressed. Their Avant-garde high tea buffet just did not hit the correct flavours and balance.

Grand entrance to the place. Just wished they could have made better use of the layout as the tables were all rather close to each other.

Refreshing welcome drink to get your taste buds going.

Varied choice of tea and coffee with some unique flavours like Pai Mu Tan & Melon. Unfortunately, they limit their selection to one flavour per person. Erm, choose wisely?

From top right clockwise: Chicken Mayonnaise with Chestnut in Cranberry Roll, Egg and Cheese Sandwich with Forest Mushroom Mayonnaise and Garden Cress, Smoked Salmon with Sauerkraut in Carrot Bread.

From top, clockwise: Pan-fried Wagyu Beef Patty with Melted Cheese and Tomato Salsa, Pan-fried Vegetarian Gyoza, Filo Prawn Roll with Thai Mayonnaise Chilli Sauce.

Egg Cocotte with Mushroom Ragout in Onion Marmalade.

Hmm I had a bit of the expectation versus reality moment here. Egg cocotte sounds really sophisticated and I was all looking forward to trying this jar, but on first slurp, I wished they had used onsen eggs instead. Just didn’t get that full on creamy texture.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken with Orange Basil Sauce.

This is hands down the best item at the high tea fare. Juicy, flavourful and saporific.

From top, clockwise: Seared Tuna with Cauliflower Mousse, Quail Egg with Cocktail Sauce, Poached Pear with Roquefort Cheese, Goose Liver Parfait with Port Wine Jelly.

There was nothing particularly outstanding in any of the above bites, but the Goose Liver Parfait with Port Wine Jelly was the worst! Here’s a good example of Avant-garde gone wrong. Either that, or my poor man’s taste buds are to blame. Come on, foie gras should remain in its patty form, served warm. Not cold, and certainly not in a super dense mousse form. Urgh.

From top, clockwise: Olive Oil Biscuit with Rhubarb Moouse, Strawberry and White Chocolate Tartlet, Carrot Cake Verrine.

The Carrot Cake Verrine is a must try item here at the high tea. Who can resist something with a pretty little flower on top?

Assorted chocolate truffles.

The truffles were one of the best bites at this high tea I kid you not.

Ice cream and sorbet counter. They have Baked Alaska Flambe too.

I tried the Baked Alaska Flambe which was quite unpleasant tasting. They lighted the baked Alaska right at the counter, meaning you gotta carry the scorching hot plate all the way back to your table. Almost burnt my finger doing so. The sorbet that accompanied the dish had a super bitter taste. We couldn’t figure out what sorbet it was, but it definitely deterred us from taking a second bite.

From top left, clockwise: Dark Chocolate Mousse with White Coffee Chantilly, Pistachio Cream Citrus Tartlet, Mango and Raspberry Clafoutis, Banana Cream Pie with Milk Chocolate Chantilly.

There were also a couple of tarts that I didn’t get to try because I was too full and unmotivated based on track record, but my guests who tried them didn’t rave over them too.

I get that the food at Ritz Carlton’s weekend high tea may not resonate well with me, but when my party of 5 other guests feel the same, something is not quite there, right? The buffet costs $68 after taxes, not worth it in my opinion.

7 Raffles Avenue, S(039799)

Weekend high tea buffet: 230pm to 5pm

+65 6337 8888

Website with menu here

Follow me on Instagram here

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Cafe Mosaic, Carlton Hotel

Worth a try (if you love oysters).

I fondly remember my experience at Cafe Mosaic’s dinner buffet over Christmas a few years ago, but having tried the buffet again twice this year (2018), I think I can safely say it’s only worth a try if you are a big eater of oysters.

Even with Chope’s 1 for 1 deal (or selected credit card), the price of $88++ for 2 adults is rather high in my opinion.

*All pictures were from the first visit unless otherwise stated.

Oyster station.

Pick out your oysters and the chef will shuck them for you on the spot. I liked that the oysters were pretty big and fresh. The blue light from the station was quite blinding though. Probably their way of making you slow down on the oysters.

Crustaceon station.

I can’t help but think that buffets that put out the mini lobsters look alike are in fact just trying to increase the value of the buffet.

(Second visit) Snow Crab Legs.

Heh when I went back to Mosaic again recently (about half a year since my post) they had replaced the mini lobsters look alike to snow crab legs. What an upgrade!

Sashimi and sushi station. The sashimi was limited to salmon and octopus.

Rojak station.

I love a good rojak station where I can control the amount of spice and sugar I add into my rojak. This station wasn’t exactly fantastic, but it had the bare essentials.

(Second visit) Gado-gado station.

On my second visit I was happy to find that they had rotated the DIY station. Unfortunately, the peanut sauce for this gado-gado was not crunchy enough. It was more paste than crunch.

Noodle station.

Uniquely, they serve Mee Sua which I enjoyed! Remember to add the vinegar.

Fried Carrot Cake.

This is one of the highlights of the buffet. When eaten hot, the carrot cake was super flavourful and satisfying. It certainly deserves seconds but unfortunately when I took my second serving they had already pre-cooked a lot and hence I didn’t get a piping hot one.

(Second visit) Seafood Hor Fun.

(Second visit) Fried Vegetables.

Do not try this. It was really bland. Plus, it didn’t have a wok hei taste. Super disappointed. To add on, the live station during my second visit featured this and fried vegetables. Urgh I want the carrot cake!

Cooked food station.

The cooked food station had the usual fare — sweet and sour pork, seafood in Thai style sauce, but what I liked from here (and was hot in demand throughout the night) was the crayfish!

Most crayfish at buffets tend to be really tough and tasteless, but this dish was really tender and juicy. I’m not sure if it’s because of the chef’s skill, or because they had to churn this dish so quickly that the meat wasn’t overcooked.

Dessert section.

Looking at my pictures now, I think I was so unimpressed with Cafe Mosaic’s desserts that I was uninspired to take good pictures. The desserts tasted as good as they looked — meh. On my second visit, the desserts pretty much were the same few and I skipped it totally.

Cafe Mosaic had an entire area dedicated to fruits. It really gave the whole buffet a cheapened feeling (like you don’t wanna spend more so you conveniently fill the area with large trays of fruits), and I was put off by this sight.

The ice creams were so much better! Apart from the usual strawberry and chocolate, they also serve Thai milk tea flavour. The ice cream counter definitely helped to raise the bar of the dessert space a little higher. My favourite was the lemon ice cream.

Overall, I thought that the buffet spread was too limited for the price I paid. Yes they had oysters and crayfish but that was pretty much it. Doubt I’ll visit Cafe Mosaic in the near future unless they do a revamp of their menu.

76 Bras Basah Road, Carlton Hotel Level 1, S(189558)

Daily dinner: 6pm to 10pm

+65 6311 8195

Website here

Follow me on Instagram here

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The Courtyard, Fullerton Hotel


Having tried the Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel, I really wanted to try the other high teas at the rest of the Fullertons to see how different or similar they were. Finally got down to trying The Courtyard at Fullerton Hotel.

Your senses are immediately heightened by the sight of a sun warmed high ceiling plus live harp performance. Immediately you feel like you’ve entered the high society life, and you’re happy about it even if it’s just for that two hours.

You get a three tier set, two tea or coffee flavours, and of course warm and fluffy scones. 

Food wise, it’s largely similar to the Landing Point, so I wasn’t particularly wowed when the tiers were served. My favourite was the creme brulee. The caramelised sugar layer on top was super sinful (read: thick layer) which balanced really well with the custard. 

My next favourite was the cheese on a biscuit (second tier, left hand corner). I’m not a fan of cheeses, but this one had a sweet layer of jelly (not sure what’s that) which was just so yummy! 

My third yummy was the otah with bread topped with quail egg. You know how otahs at such posh places usually taste weird because they have to cater to non chilli eating guests? The otah here at The Courtyard was excellent! Right amount of spice shiokness.

The staff would walk around 30 minutes into the meal to top up your favourites. I had six of the cheese biscuit thing haha. 

Tip #1: Come early. Although they only start dishing out the tiers at 3pm, I think they try to do it in order of guest arrival. One family next to my table had to wait pretty long till they got impatient. 

Tip #2: Ask for the macaroons. They don’t volunteer the sweet treats as much as they volunteer the bread items. I presume it’s because the sweet treats are more expensive. When they do walk around with the tray of sweets, the macaroons are conspicuously absent. 

Tip #3: Try to take the public transport, or do your homework and find out the parking rates of nearby places beforehand. Parking charges at the Fullerton is crazy. $1.07 per 10 minutes, which means $6.42 for an hour. Staying for a leisure two hour high tea will set you back by about $13 bucks. 

1 Fullerton Square, S(049178)

Afternoon Tea at $43++

Monday to Friday: 3pm to 6pm

Weekends: 2pm to 4pm (1st seating)

430pm to 6pm (2nd seating)

Website here

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